Backend Game Developer at Enlighten

I make Minecraft Stuff, occassionally I do YouTube.

Here are some methods of getting in touch with me:


Enlighten Network November 2019 - Present

Backend/Game Developer - Java, TypeScript, MongoDB, MySQL & PHP.

My Job at Enlighten is to develop games and systems for the network.

I also made Enlighten Stats, a site for viewing player/guild information in your browser.

AT-AT Bot May 2020 - Present

Developer - Node.js & MongoDB.

Multipurpose and Awesome Star Wars Discord Bot.

Currently, 0 commands have been run on AT-AT, and it's in 3,500+ servers!

You can check it out at!

OpenGameCamera February 2021 - Present

Developer / Lead Engineer - C++ & x86asm.

OpenGameCamera is a Camera Tool for the Frostbite Game Engine.

Primarily for use in STAR WARS Battlefront II, OGC supports camera tracks, custom lighting, depth of field, exposure, freecam, and many more features!

People I've worked with

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